Emergency Visit

While it is our preference to give all new patients a proper New Patient Experience, we understand that sometimes emergencies arise that require immediate attention. In these cases, we will focus our first visit on a very specific issue to take care of an urgent need. Then we will invite you back to go through the comprehensive examination at a convenient time before continuing with case.

After completing some initial paperwork, we will gather appropriate x-rays and complete a limited exam of the specific area in need. After identifying the concern, we will discuss options for dealing with it immediately. The main goal is to take care of any pain, stop the problem from getting worse, and arrange for more long-term treatment options.

Because emergencies are never planned, they are not scheduled in advance. When you call our office we will arrange a time for you to be seen as soon as possible. To expedite the process, we ask that you either complete the required paperwork before arriving or come 20-30 minutes early to fill it out in the office. The forms can be downloaded below.


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